Traditional casinos offer various promotions to their customers. They run progressive jackpots, run slots tournaments, and show tickets for their customers. However, these offers pale in comparison to the deals offered by online casinos. Online casinos are becoming popular due to these offers. If you are playing on online casinos, then you will get access to thousands of casino games. You can also play from anywhere in the world.

Traditional casinos deal generally comes with terms that you must fulfill. You need to complete these terms before you can cash out your winnings. Thus, you should first research the offers offered by online and traditional casinos. In this article, we are going to talk about the online casino’s offer.

Why do casinos offer bonuses and promotions?

  • To attract new customers: Everyone wants to get some good deals. People like getting free cash, spins, and money. They will look for the best deal that they can find before depositing their money. Thus, online casinos offer real money to their customers.
  • Competition: The best thing about online casinos is that they are competing on a global stage. Thus, they need to provide better promotions and bonuses to their customers. Online casinos in Canada are increasing rapidly with time. These online casinos offer real money to their customers. If some casino is providing good offers, then new customers will generally play there.
  • To reward loyal customers: Loyal customers are important for every business. Online casinos don’t need to worry about marketing their casino to loyal customers. All they need to do is provide some good loyalty rewards to their customers. Thus, almost every best online casino will offer rewards to their loyal customers. Casinos will make loyal customers feel good. They will offer some exclusive deals to their loyal customers. This will ensure that they can retain that player.

Types of Online Casino offers:

Online casinos are offering various types of rewards to their users. Some of the main offers provided by online casinos are:

  1. Welcome Bonus

Almost every online casino will provide you this offer. These bonuses are reserved for new players only. You might get match bonuses from your online casino. This will ensure that you can first play the same games for free. Online casinos will also offer you free cash and spins. You don’t need to worry about depositing anything in your account. Thus, online casino provides real money with no deposit.

  1. Match Bonus 

In this, your online casino will match your deposit amount. For example, consider that your online casino is offering a 100% match bonus. If you deposit $500 in your account, then your online casino will give you an extra $500. Thus, you will have $1000 in your account. You can play with this money. There will always be a limit on the match bonus. For example, your online casino might only match your deposit up to $500.

  1. No deposit bonus 

The best thing about these bonuses is that you can get them without making a deposit first. These are generally smaller bonuses. Thus, you might get $25 for free. Online casinos offer real money to new customers.

  1. Free Play 

Online casinos are also offering free play to their users. You can play some games for free. For example, you can make your first bet for free. If you lose, then your online casino will cover your losses till some specified limit. This will ensure that you can test games first.

  1. Free Spins 

Online casinos also offer free spins to their customers. If you love slot games, then this is perfect for you. You can get some free spins if you are playing online slot games.

Types of Traditional Casino offers:

Some of the main offers provided by traditional casinos are:

  1. Game Bonuses

These offers are applicable to specific games like video poker, blackjack, and slots. You can only redeem if you are playing specific games.

  1. Slots tournament 

You can play in slots tournaments for a small fee. If you are lucky, then you can win a big cash prize. This is the main offer provided by traditional casinos.

  1. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots generally don’t come under the promotion category. But, traditional casinos advertise their progressive jackpots and generally encourage their players to play these machines.

  1. VIP 

Traditional casinos offer VIP promotions to their main customer bonus. These VIP promotions will vary from casino to casino. Some casinos will offer you only a points-to-cash back program. In this, you will earn some points for every play. You can turn these points into cashback. 

Some big casinos also have a multi-tier VIP program. They will provide you exclusive bonuses and gifts. However, these VIP programs are available to big players only. 


Online casinos are offering better bonuses to their customers. You can get free online casino real money from them. Also, you don’t need to worry about depositing any real money. You will get welcome bonuses from online casinos. This will ensure that you can try out their games first. If you are satisfied with their service, then you can deposit your money. Online casinos will also match your first deposit. 

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